We present real-time tracking software
with automated functionality

Your Business
Without REI Upgrade

  • Spreadsheets, printer paper, google docs
  • Missed follow ups
  • Lost Revenue
  • Unorganized team
  • Not able to scale

Your Business
With REI Upgrade

  • All In One CRM
  • Automated Lead Follow Ups (SMS, RVM, Calls, Email, Direct Mail, etc)
  • Automated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracking
  • Communication channels customized for Real Estate
  • One stop shop for the ultimate organization tools

Advanced Automation

Our software is committed to making your business more automated. We provide the best CRM tools and software to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with our products.

Save Time

With our software and tools, you will save alot of valuable time when handling information for your business.

Dedicated Team Updating Files

We have a dedicated team of experts constantly updating our products and files to make sure they are up-to-date. We want to ensure that we provide you with the most recent files to elevate your business!

At REI Upgrade we are passionate about using technology to boost productivity and close more deals!

REI Butler

With the leads and contacts you obtain from your real estate marketing efforts, you need a CRM system to store them and know what list to pull. Don’t lose your leads as they come in. Upload contracts, manage deadlines for transactions, and more!

REI Toolkit

Real Estate professionals utilize large data sets of potential sellers. REI Toolkit’s suite of tools will help you transform this data into usable formats. Included are: a list organizer, phone compiler, Excel/CSV splitter & merger, and more!