REI Butler


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How is REI Butler different from other CRMs?
REI Butler is different because it was built to be just a CRM, it was meant to be an acquisition company in a box that takes 95% of the repetitive work off your hands.
How long does it take for my system to be ready to use once I pay?
The install period is between 3-7 days.
Do you do my marketing for me?
We do not market for you, however, we do have packages where someone from our team will help you set up your marketing. Please contact to inquire about this.
Is there any work on my end once the system is set up?
You will have to connect your phone provider such as Call Rail, and then customize your settings.
Is there a minimum and/or a maximum number of users?
You need at least one user in order to have access to the system. However, there is no maximum user account.
What is the best way to use the system?
We highly encourage you to use as many of the features as possible in order to automate your business the most you can.
Is there a knowledge base?
Yes! We are adding to the knowledge base every day as well. You will have a direct link to the knowledge base through your system when the install is done.
Is there additional costs besides the install fee and monthly payment?
Nope! There are no hidden fees that we charge you.
Can I email/text/call through REI Butler?
Currently, you can email, RVM, and text all through the system!
Can I skip trace leads through REI Butler?
This is a work in progress, however we highly recommend using our partner company for your skip tracing needs.
Is there someone that can coach me on how to generate more leads?
Absolutely! We have special packages for this. Please reach out to to inquire more about this option.