Meet the newest member of your Real Estate team, REI Butler – and he does not take breaks or vacations!

More than just a CRM, REI Butler will:

  • Track all of your leads and interactions with them.
  • Automatically follow up using the tools your prefer – be it click SMS, drip SMS, RVM and/or Email.
  • Track the KPIs that are important for you, allowing you to fine-tune where you spend your marketing time & money.
  • Create a fluid sales cycle that will cut down dramatically on the manual work your sales team performs and thus increasing their productivity.

REI Butler is flexible and can be tailored to your preferences and business needs.

Choose a Rei Butler Package

REI BUTLER – Single User
$99.00 Per month + $499 Setup Fee
REI BUTLER – Up to 3 Users
$199.00 Per month + $499 Setup Fee

REI BUTLER – Up to 5 Users

$299.00 Per month + $499 Setup Fee
* contact us for additional additional users @ $49 / month.