REI Toolkit

Normally $49/month,
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Real Estate investors deal with large sets of Owner data on a daily basis.

In REI Toolkit, we’ve designed tools that will allow you to format that data into highly useful formats, saving you hours and hours of valuable time you can use on marketing!​

is broken up into 2 main parts

Pre Skiptrace and Post Skiptrace

In the Pre Skiptrace phase:

REI Pre-Skip Formatter” can take the raw CSV that you received for either your title company or some other third party and prep it for the skiptrace company.

Usually, the raw data you initially get is missing valuable contact data and it needs to be “Skip Traced.” This is done by a real estate skiptrace company that will take your raw data and provide all the phone numbers and other addresses you will need to make contact. Unfortunately, they need the data in a certain way. Even if you know how to manipulate the data using Excel it will be a “pain” and consume valuable time that could better serve you.

Imagine getting an extra 3-4 contact phone numbers, cell phones, fax data over an above what you started with. Or maybe that one address that you knew nothing about. Now a would-be dead lead might be a valuable contact.

If this is new to you, please see our handy “How to take Advantage of your Data” an in-depth guide to skiptracing and processing the data.

Once you have your hands on this data you could use it to push to SMS campaigns, telemarketers, auto-dialers, or more!

In the Post Skiptrace phase:

REI Marketing Data Genie uses its powerful suite of tools to convert the raw data you receive from your skiptrace company and create 1 or many output files with only the data you need.

Some of the valuable data formats are

  • REI Phone Compiler returns only those entries with at least one phone number, in a format friendly for your auto-dialer or telemarketing company.
  • REI SMS Compiler returns only the Mobile numbers.
  • REI Golden Address Wizard scans your skip traced data and returns entries that have a recent change of address on file, allowing you to mail to addresses most other marketers are missing.
  • REI Futures list – a secret of the true RE professionals. Even the best skip trace companies will not find phone numbers for 25% of your submitted data. Don’t lose that information. The REI Futures list will allow you to save that information so you can skiptrace with a 2nd company or save for a future date.

REI Toolkit

Normally $49/month,
2020 Virtual Expo pricing – First 3 months FREE!